We are very excited to announce that we will be joined by artist

William Tillyer

Exhibiting at Horton in Ribblesdale Old School, Brackenbottom Lane, BD240EX


William Tillyer (born 1938 in Middlesbrough) is an English artist. His work has been shown frequently in the UK and internationally since the late 1950s. There are at least 15 works by Tillyer in the Tate collection, including High Force (1974). Examples of his work are also included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum, the Fort Worth Art Museum, Texas, the Smith College Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

 'Against Nature' exhibition, William Tillyer


An exhibition of images suggested in ‘A’ Rebours’ by Joris–Karl Huysmans.


As a student at The Slade School of Fine Art in 1960 I first became acquainted with Huysmans text A’ Rebours. In many ways I related to the observations of the main character in the book, Duc Jean Des Esseintes. The premise of the text immediately gelled for me: “Artifice over Reality” Wasn’t this exactly why I had become an art student?


Around 1974 my dealer Bernard Jacobson, asked me to make a portfolio of prints based on any book I wished to select. Without hesitation, I decided to work on ideas originating in A’ Rebours. In an ambitious mode I saw the project as a treatise on gravure, which I had studied at The Slade with Anthony Gross and at Atelier 17 with Stanley William Hayter, in Paris.


The resulting prints explore a variety of ways of etching copper/zinc plates to produce a range of images. However the project was put to one side due to teaching and other work commitments. Thus the print collection of fifty-two images was finally published in 2018; with sixteen portfolio images in hand made boxes, and a re-published illustrated book with a new translation by Theo Cuffe.

I worked with the printer Marie Walker, Clifton Editions, now based in Bristol. Marie and I had worked together at the Birgit Skiold Print Workshop in Charlotte St, London, during the 1960/70’s. Birgit Skiöld was a Swedish printmaker and modernist artist who ran the highly successful Print Workshop in the basement of 28 Charlotte Street, London from 1958 to the late 1970s (now the Rebecca Hossack Gallery).

with thanks to the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London.





Yorkshire Dales, UK

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