More information about our 2019 trail artists:

Hester Cox


St Oswalds Church, Horton and Horton Station


Hester is a printmaker who finds her inspiration whilst fellrunning. Mental and physical notes made on route are developed in her studio. She uses multiple plates, painted textures and intricate cutting in her collagraph printmaking aiming to draw attention to fleeting moods and moments that occur within the landscape.

Charlotte Morrison


Horton in Ribblesdale Station, BD24 0HL

Charlotte is a ceramicist who uses porcelain clay to create both functional & decorative items. Charlotte has a love for collecting items with age, found objects & natural specimens collected when out walking. Charlotte’s ‘Collections’ body of work looks at the recording of natural specimens & found objects; how people recorded them & if possible linking them back to where they are found within the landscape. 

Penny Hunt

The Knoll, Horton in Ribblesdale, BD240HD

Penny’s work is about the landscape of freedom, places where you feel the full force of the weather and find some perspective on life. She develops her paintings and printmaking as a body with each material feeding back into the other, the layering, overprinting and intaglio techniques present in all.

Susan Calverley Parker 

The Old Stables, Mewith, LA2 7AX

Susan Calverley Parker produces images of local landscapes, sometimes with figures, using mixed media. Her new works are semi-abstract paintings and drawings, based on Yorkshire landscapes. Sometimes her work includes references to the environment, farming, wildlife, sport/leisure events to explore how our scenery is influenced by us all.

Rachel Thornton

(plus Mexican exchange artists)

Studio 42, Bentham Business Park, LA2 7NB

Rachel combines printmaking, painting and wood carving methods to create unique natural artworks. She has developed her own making techniques through her love for experimentation and exploration in method and material. Natural edged wood slabs are the detailed canvas guiding her use of colour and image.

Jan Huntley-Peace

Horton Old School BD24 0EX

Winner of the New Light purchase prize 2017/18 

Artist Jan produces  figurative porcelain sculptures, portraits, small vessels and a unique range of ‘wearable art’, influenced by surrealism and historical costume. Jan’s current work uses lithography print images to express ideas of regeneration and transformation. 

Shortlisted for C – Art Cumbrian artist of the year 2017 

Rebecca Wallace


Crag Hill Industrial Park, Horton-in-Ribblesdale BD24 0HN

Typically using hand made and sourced materials for making her work in response to the enigma and mystery of this beautiful landscape.

The images are formed away from the mimetic and more from the notion that we never repeat  experience or "never step into the same river twice"

Kim Tillyer

The Knoll, Horton in Ribblesdale, BD240HD

Kim's use of the cyanotype process combines plants and natural materials with hand drawn and photographic elements. The addition of hand embroidered detail is a nod to her textiles training and interpretations of 'stitch' - to create, mend, secure and embellish.

Caroline Brogden

The Knoll, Horton in Ribblesdale, BD240HD

Caroline Brogden is a jeweller working in precious metals; her work combines a number of elements with an emphasis on natural form.

Using traditional silversmithing skills her main body of work looks at ways to mimic natural shapes and forms found in nature, to create small pieces of wearable art and sculpture. 

Rachel in the Dales Pottery

7 Northfields Crsecent, Settle BD249JP

All of her pots are carefully handmade by wheel and unique. All are glazed with natural materials from the Yorkshire Dales: the burnt ash of local plant material (nettles, thistles, docks, common hogweed, reed canary grass, rushes, wood from Ribblehead Forest), greywacke gritstone dust from Dry Rigg Quarry and iron ochre from Whernside.

 Ann Evans

Prospect House, Castlebergh Lane, Settle BD24 9ET

Ice forms on water, water falling over limestone, rock surfaces, change, edge, decay, the human body, abstraction, imagination. 

Ann responds to these, using whichever medium feels right at the time.  

Drawing, painting, photography, poetry, book-making. 

Pip Seymour

Cragg Hill Industrial Park, Horton, BD240HN

“The aim of existence is to offer resistance to the flow of time” - Pete Shelley 1955 – 2018 

Michael Crompton Meadowcroft, Duke St, Settle BD249AN

His art is a form of geometric abstraction which he bases on the landscape of the Three Peaks Area.  Within it he seeks to explore subtle time based changes in land formation and erosion in addition to environmental issues. He works in various mediums including paint, print, collage and maquette.


Pam Shackleton

Horton-in-Ribblesdale Old School BD24 oEX

Texture is often the main theme and using natural fibres such as plants, silk and wool, pieces are created using various techniques, including producing paper from plants, dry felting with dyed wool through fabric and embellishing with paint and thread to create textural pieces.  Handmade papers can be wet felted to create textured fabrics which can have threads and sequins embedded into them and then act as a background for further additional materials to be added when dried. 

Paul Clark

Belfoot, Garstangs Yard, Giggleswick BD240BD

For over thirty years Paul Clark has been exploring a unique mathematical phenomenon. At each stage in its development he makes physical objects that can be manipulated: playing with them and then adapting, readapting and refining, building on what has gone before and simultaneously wondering what kind of creature will emerge. What is it for? Is it art? A board game? A logical puzzle system? All these have at some point emerged blinking into the daylight … 

Norman Adams

Butts, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, BD24 0HD

Norman Adams was one of the leading British painters of his generation. He is known for his landscape watercolours and for more religious or spiritual works. 

His landscape watercolours were mainly painted outside, and have been described as paintings of the weather. He tried to capture the atmosphere of the moment.  

His religious works were mainly inspired by Christianity and include a magnicicant 13 stations of the cross which are in St Marys Church in Manchester. 

As well as painting Norman also spent a lot of his life teaching. In the 1960’s he was head of painting in Manchester College of Art, in the 70’s Professor of Art at Newcastle University and for 16 years, keeper of the Royal Academy Schools. 

 Brian Plummer Horton Old School, BD24oEX

Brian was born in North London in 1934 and studied Painting at Hornsey College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. In 1958 he won a scholarship and made a painting expedition to the Dales - staying in Horton. Here he made a lasting connection with the landscape of Ribblesdale and met Norman Adams with whom he went on many painting expeditions in those early years.
Since then he has divided his time between a career teaching painting in London and his studio in Horton where he has continued to explore the ever-changing nature of the Craven landscape.

Josie Beszant Horton station BD240HL

Josie uses paper, fabric, found objects, meaning and metaphor to tell stories. Her work has an earthy imperfect nature - nearly always using natural materials. Themes include mending, the beauty of the broken and damaged. Often pieces are about what humans collect, and they are based around objects. 

At Horton Station, Josie will be showing pieces created for ‘Collections’, a joint project with Hester Cox & Charlotte Morrison. The artists have worked with a number of museum archives and their own personal collections. 

Kerry Pilkington

1 Middle Studfold Cottage, Horton, BD240ER

 Kerry Pilkington has a BA (Hons) in Embroidery and works from her studio in a converted barn in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.  She uses her embroidery machine to create unique pieces inspired by her love of nature. 

 Mary Woolf

7 Lower Croft St, Settle BD249HH

Mary is a photographic artist currently living and working in the Yorkshire Dales. Her work explores ideas surrounding perception and experience in addition to the ontology of photography; the questioning of the medium of photography. Her aim is to inspire people to look a little bit closer at their surroundings and to take a little bit more notice of their experience of being in a place. Her current work is exploring her experience of a specific place: the Dales landscape.

Kevin Brown

Lower Barn, Cold Cotes, LA28HZ

Please note - reduced hours of 2-5pm first weekend only, normal hours second weekend! 


Kevin is essentially a self taught watercolourist and print maker . He paints mainly landscapes but has in the past painted atmospheric paintings of steam locomotives. His current watercolour work is inspired by the type of image produced by aquatint intaglio printing, a strong dark textural image on a stark white background .

He has had work accepted for the Northern Lainge Art Competition and the Royal Watercolour Society Open Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery.


Mike Kilyon

Mike Kilyon has been experimenting with expanding photography’s representational role. Working in collaboration with artists and a writer he has developed projects which have stretched boundaries and given new perspectives. He is reaching the culmination of a long term project with writer Sue Vickerman that has included more than a dozen videos, six websites, three works of fiction, two poetry collections, a number of performance events and extensive photographic work. 


 Tony Roberts

Wenning Studios, Robin Lane High Bentham LA27AB

Tony Roberts studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools, which placed a strong emphasis on drawing.  His paintings explore still-life, Yorkshire Dales and Mediterranean landscapes, cityscapes and commemorative images. Buddhism informs his work. He offers personal interpretations of symbolic imagery, employing metaphysical approaches by disintegrating and re-integrating images. Explorations of the drawing process are an integral part of his methods; mark-making and the materiality of his mediums are as much the subject of his work as the observed image.  

Leonie Rutter

Horton in Ribblesdale Old School, BD240EX

Leonie creates contemporary, abstract ceramics that take inspiration from nature. Her modified, wheel-thrown ceramics are organic and semi-sculptural. Many pieces are burnished to a satin like sheen and then fume or smoke fired. Others are finely carved and glazed with celadon glazes. 

Mike Kilyon

6 Commercial St, Settle BD24 9HP

Working in collaboration with artists and writers, photographer and publisher Mike Kilyon likes to be involved in projects which stretch boundaries and offer fresh or unusual perspectives, and bring as yet unrepresented voices to the public. He has completed a long-term project with writer Sue Vickerman involving the production of more than a dozen videos, six websites, three works of fiction and two poetry collections, and extensive photographic work - also the staging of several performance events from Swindon to Shanghai.

 Sue Vickerman

6 Commercial St, Settle BD24 9HP

Sue Vickerman is a poet, writer and literary translator. For four years Sue wrote a blog in the voice of a created character, life-model ’Suki‘, and collaborated in multiple ways with fellow-creatives to produce a wealth of visual, audio and written material addressing ‘the male gaze‘, the artist-model relationship, and more. Suki’s personality, her turbulent biographical tale and her successfully published writings all but eclipsed Sue Vickerman. This exhibition serves as the grand finale and closure of the Suki project.

Doris Rohr (open Saturdays only)

28 Main St, Bentham, LA2 7HL 

Doris Rohr’s methods and processes derive from depth immersion in the environment absorbing details, atmosphere, the feel of a place, through mark making, textures and intuitive application of liquid paints, in relation to graphic annotation of drawing media. Her practice is often performed outdoors, through recordings of encounters, which frequently are the basis of a personal narrative, visual or verbal. At present Doris works mostly in sketchbooks that feature journal writing, drawing or painting. Workshops, and other forms of participatory teaching that enable skill sharing, form an important aspect of her practice.


Manchester School of Art


Horton Old School, BD240EX

We welcome second year Fine Art degree students on a residency from Manchester School of Art. Both Rhianwen Williams and Hannah Sullivan will be with us for 10 days, living in Horton-in-Ribblesdale and working in their studio in Horton Old School. The students will be in the school all week for you to visit and talk to about their working processes and their artistic exploration of the completely new area they find themselves in! 


You are all invited to an exhibition of the work the students have made during their residency on the final weekend, 6-8pm Saturday 19th October.




Yorkshire Dales, UK

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